Miffa Chan

Curse of The Golden Tuzi (updated fron Tun Xi)
January 2, 2006, 12:03 pm
Filed under: Travel
(Tun Xi, China) I have been travelling for 6 exhausting days through China facing all kind of dangers, jet lag, street hawkers, sorting out rip offs, climbing difficult sacred mountains, travelling by train, public bus … and last but not least, sleeping in dumped hotels without any kind of heating . I am exhausted.

I have received several pictures of Cutnejo sent by his kidnappers . I have followed all the hints , which took me to Shexian . But, once I managed to arrive there, they had taken Cutnejo to Mount shang Shan . Can you imagine how I feel after climbing the mountain on my own ? I am a little bunny and I had to climb more than 3000 steps to get on the top and locals eating rabbit. Uff , what kind of clientele climbs this mountain ?

Cutnejo picture sent by captors

Next hint … Cutnejo is not any more on the Huang chang shan area . He’s now at Nanjing . Oh, my good, I have now bought a ticket at the railway station and I have an -eight – hour trip on a chinese train .

Miffa at Summit looking for her beloved cutnejo

I hope I find Cutnejo … sniff , sniff … I am so in love with him … If I cannot find him, I’ ll never go back to Barcelona. I need to find my true love ….

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