Miffa Chan

No replacement for displacement
December 23, 2006, 9:34 pm
Filed under: Travels

Miffa drove this Holden Commodore 3.8 EFI rear wheel with no ESP in Tasmania.

Cornering with this bitch was funny specially when wet, so

funny that Tasmanian Police stopped me and Father Bunny.

We thought that we were Crocket and Tubbs but we were not.


I love cars, I must admit that. No matter if we’re talking about big trucks or the latest coupe. But this can be a problem when you’re a little bunny without a driving license.

It was actually, because in the country where I am living now driving is a very dangerous activity. Speed limits are the same as 40 years ago when no ABS no ESP no NOTHING where available.

The average driver is taught how to pass several stupid trials to get his/her license. The electronics that you can find in a car help them to solve almost any problem.

Now driving is all about staring at you speedometer at legal speeds, ignore traffic and track conditions , brake as hell if you see that fuc*** (we have plenty of them with different colours and equipment) .

So if ever you need to drive – really drive – without any help and without any limits you’d better take a cab.

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