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It was a wonderful night, sure it was.
January 20, 2007, 3:51 pm
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Who dares: more than 7 people on scene doing music and video on real time

While in BCN Bread & Butter festival celebrated its first day, we were trying to set up our particular Bread & Butter in Port Olimpic.

It was just a funny coincidence but for twice in a roll Father Bunny was unable to be there. He fought hard to get the pass and he paid the tax!

More than eleven people were there in a very nice place with outstanding views of Barcelona’s beach. It was the culmination of several weeks of hard work.

And we succeed as never before in this industry.

I would like to thank all the people who made this possible:

Cyteck, who was able to coordinate all the mess Father Bunny and me designed
Alethia, who took nice pictures of the event and took care of art related stuff
DJ John Nadlor, who did an amazing job keeping all the people on the right tempo. Beside he has may be the nicer “nickname” of the team.
Shine and SML, they provided what it can be one of the best live VJ platforms available.

And MuSIK, whose live act with Brain Domination is an outstanding XXI century electronic art classic.

Of course the mkr team did an outstanding job with proper planning, logistics and live act controlling. An special mention goes to Bere and Ale.

Our Cameraman, our photographer, our sound and visual technicians, thanks to all o them.

Next day I was in the B&B but I prefer to control events better than events trying to control me.

It’s not only the art, It’s a matter of attitude

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It was an amazing party in deed. We are very glad everyone enjoyed the performance. Too bad you couldn’t come Miffa, but I sware you were present in our minds. At least your dad thought of you (he almost turned on a screensaver with pictures of you in the midle of the act).Gee man, that picture sure looks proffessional. I tried to do my best, but you can’t compare. You better tell that man to post his pictures in Flickr (low res doesn’t hurt!). I bet he’s got some of me (cheeky guy!) LOL

Comment by Aletheia

yeah, that’s right, he almost got Miffa’s screensaver live on the event screens!

Comment by CytecK

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