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Back to Hong Kong
April 25, 2008, 10:48 pm
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A nice place to have breakfast

After almost two weeks travelling around China with my Father we are now at the end leg of our trip. Back to Hong Kong – This time at The Peninsula- and for the first time he has agreed to take me to have breakfast at The Veranda.

Much more is coming about what it may be has been the more weird travel to mainland.

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Hello Miffa et al,Thank you Father Bunny for your reply. I’ve heard of people having trouble with Blogger in the mainland. You know they block things! I’m glad you’re back in Hong Kong. It looks like Draculina is having the time of her life, first the Mandarin then the Peninsular! Have fun you all. If I see you on the streets of Hong Kong I’ll definitely go over and say hi! Love, 9j

Comment by 9J

Hi 9j,No, no this is Miffa -she is from Hong Kong- Draculina is much smaller and she is from Tokyo.May be you can remember than three years ago in Fortress stores Nokia did a promotion with Miffy. So i decided to adopt her.There’s a lot of Honkongnese bunnies out there. Check these:http://www.flickr.com/photos/miffyto/http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonijewel/http://www.flickr.com/photos/n0r/I think one year we would have to organize an international event.PS: It’s very hard to find Miffy in HK stores. Actually this time I didn’t see any.Best regards!

Comment by Father Bunny

Hello, Father Bunny. I’m so sorry I’ve mistaken Miffa for Draculina! They look alike!Actually I wasn’t in Hong Kong three years ago so I missed the Fortress store promotion.Yes, I totally agree with you that finding miffies in Hong Kong is very hard. I recently found someone who orders her Miffy goods from Japan and sells them on the Yahoo Hong Kong auction site. She also has a store in a place called Kennedy Town, in the north-western part of HK Island. Her store has the most extensive Miffy collection I’ve seen in HK so far.I remember Mevas Bank in HK came out with Miffy credit cards at one time. I wasn’t their customer so I didn’t get one. Now they’ve Sanrio characters.It’d be GREAT if we can get an international event going! There are so many Miffy lovers all over the world!Have fun in Hong Kong! Can’t wait for the photos from mainland! Love,9j

Comment by 9J

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