Miffa Chan

May 13, 2009, 6:03 am
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As you know, I love to travel and and I like a lot Japan. I asked my father to pay me a ticket to Tokyo, as I would like to spend a few days at the Mandarin Oriental, go shopping at Ginza and Omotesando, well, you know, all those things that a bunny like me loves doing

However, father bunny is really upset with me . He said that I am used to doing nothing, just travelling, having fun , and that i have some bad vices like smoking and drinking while playing cards cheating my sisters and friends to get their money… I asked him where is the problem. All these things are fun and I am a spoiled bunny.

One day, father bunny came back home and he said to me that I am going to start Japanese lessons. What, I said ?? I don´t want to work , I don’t want to study ! I just want to have fun.

Father bunny replied : “ You will not go back to Japan , if you do not learn a little bit Japanese , your sister Miffo can help you . If you want to visit your friends from Café Miffy, you have to master a few words in Japanese “

So, here I am with my “ hawaian “ shirt at home studying Japanese. Thanks god, I don´t need to learn the Kanji, as I master Chinese ! But, I´ll still have to memorize the hiragana and katakana alphabet.

Well, here my first steps :

Watashi wa sushi o tabemasu !

Oyasuminasai ( I am too tired and I asked father bunny, if I can go to bed )

Mataraishuu !!

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The glasses make you look intelligent, Miffa! Good luck on the Japanese!

Comment by 9J

ganbare miffa!

Comment by miffyto

Hmmm, the glasses makes me look smarter.!!! heheheTo tell you the truth I don’t need them, but i have a more glamorous look.A great pleasure to have you here miffyto, in our last meeting in Hong Kong we talked about you a lot – of course in a very positive way-You hold the “unofficial” record in the category “the human who owns more miffy plushes in the world”

Comment by Miffa

Ummm… En hawai hay girasoles??

Comment by doublecloth.net

Se nota que no ves Shin chan.La hermana de Shin Chan, ¡como se llama?Himawari, que quiere decir girasol.Y la clase de él es la clase de los girasoles. Un gran placer ver a nuestra gran amiga Double leyendo nuestro blog. Prometo tirar de las orejas al viejo y que se ponga las pilas en ref s/n

Comment by Miffa

Excellent!!(SUGOI!)We are looking forward to talking with you in Japanese.See you soon!(MATANE!)

Comment by CafeMiffy

Jaja es verdad… pues nada ya te veo viendo los dibujos con sus Kanjis y Furigamas… suerte que el japones es dificil :)Un besop.d. Dile a tu padre, por cierto, que deje de enfadarse con el mundo, que es mejor que lo acepte tal y como es, vale??

Comment by doublecloth.net

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