Miffa Chan

K**S me I am (rather) famous
October 4, 2009, 5:43 pm
Filed under: Chan family, Editorial, Travel
some fast food in Amsterdam, not exactly a destination for gourmets

The fast and the furious, Father bunny punished me for speeding

My friend Ecke in Utrecht

Visiting old grandpa museum

Our car was classic but with some sporty look

we tested some new beer brands in Prague, and we loved them

In Schipool we saw old grand ma selling balloons

Read the “menu” barbarians!!!!!

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I am glad you didn't become the entree, Miffa! How's old Grandma? Anita was there in 2007.

Comment by nijntjeinsitu

I wasn't expected to find "rabbit" on Prague restaurants. Of course we pay some guys to destroy the restaurant and to show the chef how to cook slowly roasted "hu***" flesh.Grandma is getting older and sometimes she has insane ideas… 😉

Comment by Miffa

Deja de correr como un loco por todas las capitales del mundo!!! que un dia nos enteraremos por las noticias que un loco español y su hija miffa han tenido un accidente (no me quiero ni imaginar como lo contaría la prensa)Un beso

Comment by doubleclothblog

good job tearing down the restaurant Miffa!

Comment by miffyto

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