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Our third day at home: Ocean Park
April 13, 2011, 1:38 am
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Gone are the days of rushing into the crowds, we are flavouring Hong Kong slowly smoked and roasted. We get up late, we have breakfast in a place where one can literally “sit in a corner and watch the cars pass by”.

When we arrive to central the robbers that work for the banks are having lunch, we just have breakfast, i suppose that if your work is to steal money from citizens that gives you extra stamina.

But yesterday we spent a great day in Ocean Park, but my camera is not working anymore, so may be it’s a good reason to buy a new one.

A day on the beach – Repulse bay
April 11, 2011, 3:27 pm
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After our first meeting with 9J , no official picture yet because everything right know it’s classified information, we decided to spend an easy day.

So as we did two years ago we took bus 6 and we went to Stanley. I must say that FB made the same mistake during his first and second stay in HK, neon lights and tall buildings capture visitor’s attention and sometimes they fail to notice that there are a lot of open spaces and unbeaten tracks to explore in HK.

Stanley is a nice place to discover, it’s not far and it’s the HK you have in mind after all.

We have arrived to HK
April 9, 2011, 2:52 pm
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Tometaro and Mini Me in HK airport Transportation – a shielded 4WD for the Council Members Home, sweet home in that place I was raised until my Father adopted me

Des Voyeaux Road, where I was raised

My adorable city’s skyline.

We’ll omit every comment about how bad is the experience of flying nowadays, we have regularly flied with Air France and KLM and service, quality and those “items” were ok but now they have forgotten totally. Our on seat entertainment (haha…) was not working as the last time when we flew to Jakarta. Excellent when you have paid 2,000 euros for struggling in a tiny space eating shitty food… Anyways they were unable to transfer our luggage from one plane to other and we landed HK luggageless.

Setting up our luggage, we will go to HK
April 7, 2011, 9:58 am
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The Supreme Council of The Bunny Attitude (TSCTBA) is held in Hong Kong again, so we are preparing our stuff for traveling. We will keep you informed about our NOT SECRET activities.

Of course we will meet the 9J clan and may be Mr. Mike “fixed bike” Udaondo there.

侍 Samurai – FB and Miffa running
April 4, 2011, 9:02 pm
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In Barcelona, every year we celebrate one of the biggest run on earth, with almost 60k runners this year this is more than 2 times Tokyo’s marathon.

So Miffa and me got into our Samurai outfits and we run it in the baby stroller category with great success.