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La Habana – Cuba
April 25, 2012, 8:45 am
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Will be Tometaro Miffa’s heir ??

I am getting older, my father too, and I don’t think my sister Aurore will be in the mood to run my “bizs”.
Right now I can say i’ve visited the places I wanted to be since I was a little bunny. But in the search for new places that were not in my list we visited Cuba. 

A very nice place, with some “issues”, but with great people. A place to visit before the USA enters there and makes a stupid —Cubaland—.

One of the best things about the Island is that Americans are banned. Great? well they have Canadians, but they just drink and don’t mess with you.

We took some pictures, and here you can explore our Cuban Set

An illustrated guide about travel rip-offs. Chapter One. Introduction to Modern Live (in DUAL)
April 22, 2012, 9:10 am
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Dear friends and readers,

I watched on TV so many stupid travel series about places I have been a lot of time as a tourist that I decided to share with you some of my “bad experiences” in order to avoid some unpleasant experiences.
Danger is everywhere and hawkers can smell stupidity as dogs do with fear.

Apart from that, walking with sandals and dark socks hanging a camera over your neck and wearing a safari hat – all together but in any combination- could be the recipe for disaster.
First things first, lets define “rip-off” and scam:
Rip-off is a “bad financial transaction” , in other way, “an incident in which a person overpays for something” The term overpays may refer from some extra $, to some hundred times the market fair value.
Scam is roughly the same, but it involves wrongdoing, cheating, and in some cases fraud.
Let’s take a clear example of this two:

While a rip-off is visiting Venetia (Italy) and paying for a Coke 3 euros while clearly and visible marked in big post in the entrance, and whilst other honest barmen applying some or similar prices (they both are robbing you), a scam will be guys yelling you and offering real brick oven pizza menu for 6 euros.
Where is the scam in the second one? That the offer was real but it was the price for the 8 centimetres diameter pizza and the standard 12 cm. is 12 euros plus a beer is 10 euros and additional set up table plus service charge is not included.
How to avoid scams is not the scope of this series but we will say some general rules
-Say no to everyone, and then say not again.
-Read everything and ask for prices (they doubt about it, get the hell out of that place).
-if something is so cheap, probably it’s not true
– HCT is not the same than HTC as Pear is not Apple, and Panascanic is not Panasonic
– Even when the real thing is properly spelled, a Rolex does not cost less than a Swatch watch. Even if the offer you a stolen one (buying stolen stuff is delective) they don’t sell it for pocket money.
And looking for some Rip-off inspiring images I have founded this amazing post about The Ultimate Kings of Rip-off : Low Cost (the so called) airplane companies
Check thatOff Track Planet TipChecking in online doesn’t mean you get to skip the lines. So get your ass there early. With budget flights, you’re more likely to get a Blow Job from the clerk than a seat on the next flight out.” Sorry but I have expanded the BJ


 Amsterdam airport, but we used KLM (organized criminals too)
 So you think singapore is scam free?
 This is what we never get!

Nice drinks, nice food, prepare a kidney to pay for that Tometaro

Hey, Miffa turned a policewoman!!!
April 15, 2012, 9:46 am
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And to prove it, we took a picture!

Ridin’ on Kingdom of Boredom’s roads
April 15, 2012, 9:42 am
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The one of us who have no airport to build a circuit in UK, like Top Gear, settle with riding on their roads.

I had more fun in New Zealand with the Falcon Mark II Xr6, but I blew two rear tires.

The worst place in earth you can be, try it, you’ll hate it.
April 11, 2012, 8:47 am
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With the 2012 Olympics being held in London, I need to ask you to go there. Being London one of the few places I promised myself I will never go, destiny made me a good move and I was forced to be there for a couple of days.
Kingdom of Boredom. That’s another way to translate United Kingdom.
Everything is disgusting, all the stupid places are not worth to visit, are crowded, stupidly expensive, and just suck!
We will try to make a list of ten or a thousand reasons you shouldn’t visit that damn place, but if you are studying English, please ask your father or mother to put you there for a month in summer.
That will be Summer of Hell (and you will return home speaking poorer English than before)

Quest for the perfect UK place – Oxford
April 7, 2012, 8:23 am
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We continue our search for the best place to live close to London but out of it.
A nice place we have been told is Oxford, a lively cosmopolitan city that is chosen by many expats.
Well, getting there is easy and fast with those double carriage (I would say two lanes) roundabouts every few miles. 
We have driven in almost all the countries who drive the wrong way of the road but here you have to pay EXTRA attention to look to the right when entering.
After these lines you will find some pictures of Oxford. We just don’t like it, for many reasons but one of them is they don’t like visitors, or at least they to bring a car.
In a Public parking – covered- we struggled to enter , because it was designed for Fiat 500 alike cars. Inside, not enough room to put the car into the marks. No problems let’s find another one. This time it was open air but really great parking lots.
Let’s pay, 3.90 pounds an hour (is this New York?). Ok, let’s use the credit card, blast they don’t take, a 20 pounds note, they don’t take notes…
You can only use coins, no change is given and you have to enter your number plate!!!
And besides all this mess in the country I am living they consider than a Eco Tax of 1 euro a day in unfair for tourist!
May be they’re right it’s unfair that in Barcelona, for example, you can pay with credit card in the streets and Parkings

Mercedes S Class
April 6, 2012, 9:55 am
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This is the Mercedes flagship , said to us the guy in the rent a car company. Well, that wasn’t my idea of a nice car since I came here to test an Indian car (Jaguar) or a Land Rover, but they don’t have them anymore. May be adding oil everyday has a great impact in business profits.

Obviously the unit is an entry level 350 cdi diesel. Extras? electric sunroof, heated seats (no extra cost in UK) and bluetooth ready. That raises the bill up to 61,780 GBP – that it’s about 74.000 €. Not so bad, I would say that is cheap.

The car handles great with the standard airmatic suspension. It’s a very long car (more than five meters) but it doesn’t feel that long even in curvy roads. The only nightmare is to park it in some parking and of course on the street (parking guidance is standard).

Fuel Consumption? Great for such a big car. Around 8 liters in a real mixed city and road travel at legal speeds but using the more than 60 mkg torque all the time.

So good that i decided that this can be a good replacement car for me. Ok, there are some issues that we did not like it… but i will talk about that later.

Check the price in Mercedes-benz.es to figure up the price in Spain.

93.815 € 

For the same fuck*** car!!!!!!!

I need to take some air.