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South Wales – Crómlechs
September 8, 2012, 11:59 am
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During our first days spent in UK we decided to visit Wales. Driving in this part of Great Britain is a nightmare of Motorways, multiple lanes roads, lot of traffic, stupid roundabouts, but while arriving Wales is just a nightmare maze, plenty of narrow roads where a crash is behind almost any curve.

Father Bunny loves to drive on the wrong side of the road, so he swalloved almost 600 miles in two days with a smiling face.

On Sunday, our Car Navigation System told us we were about five hours far from home, but despite time of the day we decided to seek for a Crómlech* near Trefin.

No one knew about it, so we spent two hours and walked 3 miles along the Welsh coastline to spot it.

When we decided to return, and when Father Bunny was totally pissed off, he founded it right in from of us.

It’s located inside a sheep farm!!!!! Why they don’t just place a sign?

May be they don’t like visitors

*Cromlech is a Brythonic word (Breton/Welsh) used to describe prehistoric megalithicstructures, where crom means “bent” or “curved” and llech means “slab” or “flagstone“.[1] The term is now virtually obsolete in archaeology, but remains in use as a colloquial term for two different types of megalithic monument.

In English it usually refers to dolmens, the remains of prehistoric stone chamber tombs.[2] However, it is widely used in French and Spanish to describe stone circles. Confusingly, some English-speaking archaeologists, such as Aubrey Burl, use this second meaning for cromlech in English too.[3]

Miffa visited Wales
September 6, 2012, 12:34 am
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We have done more than 2.000 miles in UK by now. Father Bunny got a new car, a nice DS3, a tiny car, but quite nice.

Today we’re in the British Riviera (yes, they’re crazy) but we have visited very nice places like Wales.

Check some pictures I took in a medieval town

In Ko Samui with our Cafemiffy friends
August 12, 2012, 4:08 am
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We have met again after some time. Nijntje, Chairoko and Kiiroko came to Thailand to spend some days enjoying this beautiful place.

I will keep you updated

Ko Samui (เกาะสมุย): Scam-o-meter ™ score 89/100
August 9, 2012, 9:09 am
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Ko Samui, or just Samui (Ko means island) is located in the southeastern part of Thailand. On the southwestern part you can find Langkawi, where we were past summer (but Langkawi is Malaysian).

What can you expect? Almost the same weather, the same beaches and the same people (visitors). That is right partly, and I will try to explain some details to those of you interested.

Let’s start saying that just out of the plane my Scam-o-meter ™ was flashing deep red when we was forced to que up for a taxi, and the taxi charges us for 8 kms 400 THB, almost two time the amount you pay from Bangkok airport to city center (45 minutes or more including tolls).

The hotel is just something “cool” and it stands over the mediocrity that surrounds it, but do not deserve the money they ask for it, several moon to earth distance is the amount between what you pay and what you get.

Hopefully we’re not in Chaweng, the busiest area, the longest beach and a mixed flavour of the worst Ibiza, Mallorca, Salou and Lloret you can imagine.

Plenty of well educated man and semi-naked local and foreigner women night parties really promise the eden type of paradise you were dreaming about. Beer is cheap and you get the usual 2 for 1, 6 x 2, etc.

But READ that if you are visiting this paradise!!! 

  • if you are entering a taxi or any transportation, let the ripper (they will rip you) know how much are you willing to pay (all of them will robb you but more than 300 BHT is severe punishment). Try to walk a little bit bro.
  • if you rent a scooter, do x-ray any scratch and missing part if you don’t want to fight or to pay the whole shit several times (some steal their own vehicles to charge you)
  • do not rent any engine operated water vehicle (jet ski, boat, etc) if you don’t want to get ripped off with multiple traps (existing damage, etc)
  • If asked, DO NOT EVER let your passport as guarantee, you will become their hostage.
  • As a basic rule, bargain even in McDonalds and say NO to everyone, then think a little and say “may be” and finally say “my friend, i am not stupid, just take it or leave it”
I have not flied a miserable flight in Finnair where food was shit and people nasty to buy a kids beach play set that cost me 3 euros in Europe to pay to times.

And another golden rule ” do not eat where you shit” (That means never have lunch or dinner in the hotel)

An illustrated guide about travel rip-offs. Chapter One. Introduction to Modern Live (in DUAL)
April 22, 2012, 9:10 am
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Dear friends and readers,

I watched on TV so many stupid travel series about places I have been a lot of time as a tourist that I decided to share with you some of my “bad experiences” in order to avoid some unpleasant experiences.
Danger is everywhere and hawkers can smell stupidity as dogs do with fear.

Apart from that, walking with sandals and dark socks hanging a camera over your neck and wearing a safari hat – all together but in any combination- could be the recipe for disaster.
First things first, lets define “rip-off” and scam:
Rip-off is a “bad financial transaction” , in other way, “an incident in which a person overpays for something” The term overpays may refer from some extra $, to some hundred times the market fair value.
Scam is roughly the same, but it involves wrongdoing, cheating, and in some cases fraud.
Let’s take a clear example of this two:

While a rip-off is visiting Venetia (Italy) and paying for a Coke 3 euros while clearly and visible marked in big post in the entrance, and whilst other honest barmen applying some or similar prices (they both are robbing you), a scam will be guys yelling you and offering real brick oven pizza menu for 6 euros.
Where is the scam in the second one? That the offer was real but it was the price for the 8 centimetres diameter pizza and the standard 12 cm. is 12 euros plus a beer is 10 euros and additional set up table plus service charge is not included.
How to avoid scams is not the scope of this series but we will say some general rules
-Say no to everyone, and then say not again.
-Read everything and ask for prices (they doubt about it, get the hell out of that place).
-if something is so cheap, probably it’s not true
– HCT is not the same than HTC as Pear is not Apple, and Panascanic is not Panasonic
– Even when the real thing is properly spelled, a Rolex does not cost less than a Swatch watch. Even if the offer you a stolen one (buying stolen stuff is delective) they don’t sell it for pocket money.
And looking for some Rip-off inspiring images I have founded this amazing post about The Ultimate Kings of Rip-off : Low Cost (the so called) airplane companies
Check thatOff Track Planet TipChecking in online doesn’t mean you get to skip the lines. So get your ass there early. With budget flights, you’re more likely to get a Blow Job from the clerk than a seat on the next flight out.” Sorry but I have expanded the BJ


 Amsterdam airport, but we used KLM (organized criminals too)
 So you think singapore is scam free?
 This is what we never get!

Nice drinks, nice food, prepare a kidney to pay for that Tometaro

Miffa goes to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (in short Borneo)
April 19, 2011, 1:17 pm
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After almost all day long waiting, queing, doing red tape, showing our purse, etc. we managed to get to our next destination: Snagri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort.

The first impression is positive, but I have the feeling that two years ago Filipino Inferno could turn into Malaysian Nightmare.

Anyways I have a lot to tell you about our time in my city.

What I have been doing (and where). Blanes June
November 15, 2010, 9:18 am
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I know It had been a long time since my last post, but today i haved decided to share with friends and other people some pcitures and experiences.
In June we were visiting Cyteck from wifiblanes in a place that is close to Costa Brava but isn’t Costa Brava.

He showed us his new ipad and ipad apps. We met a girl in a bar who dubted about my travels and experiencies.

Finally we got to hit a known place (Bali)
August 7, 2010, 2:52 pm
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We are finally in Bali (Indonesia) alter some kind of pilgrimage from the hi-tech Singapore to central Java, and finally to a spoiled place known as Bali.

Now I will not focus on the details but one, while here, need to think about human evolution and human behaviour.

Anyways this is me with father bunny in Kuta beach (most abnormal specimens per square meter) including my father who was worried about his wallet and wearing a Thinsulate cap on a beach where the temperature was above 35 Celsius.