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An illustrated guide about travel rip-offs. Chapter One. Introduction to Modern Live (in DUAL)
April 22, 2012, 9:10 am
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Dear friends and readers,

I watched on TV so many stupid travel series about places I have been a lot of time as a tourist that I decided to share with you some of my “bad experiences” in order to avoid some unpleasant experiences.
Danger is everywhere and hawkers can smell stupidity as dogs do with fear.

Apart from that, walking with sandals and dark socks hanging a camera over your neck and wearing a safari hat – all together but in any combination- could be the recipe for disaster.
First things first, lets define “rip-off” and scam:
Rip-off is a “bad financial transaction” , in other way, “an incident in which a person overpays for something” The term overpays may refer from some extra $, to some hundred times the market fair value.
Scam is roughly the same, but it involves wrongdoing, cheating, and in some cases fraud.
Let’s take a clear example of this two:

While a rip-off is visiting Venetia (Italy) and paying for a Coke 3 euros while clearly and visible marked in big post in the entrance, and whilst other honest barmen applying some or similar prices (they both are robbing you), a scam will be guys yelling you and offering real brick oven pizza menu for 6 euros.
Where is the scam in the second one? That the offer was real but it was the price for the 8 centimetres diameter pizza and the standard 12 cm. is 12 euros plus a beer is 10 euros and additional set up table plus service charge is not included.
How to avoid scams is not the scope of this series but we will say some general rules
-Say no to everyone, and then say not again.
-Read everything and ask for prices (they doubt about it, get the hell out of that place).
-if something is so cheap, probably it’s not true
– HCT is not the same than HTC as Pear is not Apple, and Panascanic is not Panasonic
– Even when the real thing is properly spelled, a Rolex does not cost less than a Swatch watch. Even if the offer you a stolen one (buying stolen stuff is delective) they don’t sell it for pocket money.
And looking for some Rip-off inspiring images I have founded this amazing post about The Ultimate Kings of Rip-off : Low Cost (the so called) airplane companies
Check thatOff Track Planet TipChecking in online doesn’t mean you get to skip the lines. So get your ass there early. With budget flights, you’re more likely to get a Blow Job from the clerk than a seat on the next flight out.” Sorry but I have expanded the BJ


 Amsterdam airport, but we used KLM (organized criminals too)
 So you think singapore is scam free?
 This is what we never get!

Nice drinks, nice food, prepare a kidney to pay for that Tometaro

June 1, 2011, 9:20 am
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My career as a photo journalist was too short,
it involved traveling in trains with other people with no Evian water available

A world class DJ wasn’t for me. I am to lazy to stay awake
until late just to move people who should be working.
Besides I love pears and not apples.

Father bunny is sick – well, he has a difficult age – Mother Bunny is abroad, so I decided to do something I do really well: Excels.

Yesterday I decided to join that elite who visit SONAR and really don’t care about the music but about party.

Lately my career as a global artist has became too much unfocused, anyways in a world with so many suckers even lame people get their piece of cake.

So… effortless is the key to success, if you manage to deal with all that.

Hey, they have just beaten me a little
May 28, 2011, 10:44 am
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I have been living here, in Barcelona, for a little more than six years. Now I have begun to think if I have made the right choice. FB has given me some values during all the time we have spent together, but i have not founded them on everyday’s life.

All I can say is that I have been risen in a place where my readings are The Economist and Maquiavelo’s, but still when a saw a kid on the street licking a candy I don’t hit him to death to get the sweet for me.

Bite me and you’re done, I was told…

But how anyone, (apart from USA) can hit people who are just sitting on a public place.

We hate Schipool and KLM too
April 26, 2011, 10:12 am
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Yes! We hate them, for many reasons, one of them is to have to go under security checks twice and for being so nasty. Another one is that we hate the guy who draws a bunny called Miffy for being so miserly…

The world is not perfect, but even my grandpa – who cheated my step father with his new camera- has a better heart.

Do not come to Spain! It’s not worth of it
February 13, 2011, 10:39 pm
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When my step parents adopted me I thought Spain was a nice place to live, six years from then I have witnessed several changes that have cut my personal rights.

Now It’s a law that restricts the information you can put on a web page. In the past and now it was a special tax that you pay when you buy a DVD, this money goes to copyright lobby robbers and it’s more than the amount you pay for the hardware.

The only solution for me is to move to a better country, but for you may be it would be not even considering visiting it.

you -may- will never see me again!
December 23, 2010, 11:39 am
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May be you like me, may be you hate me and my sarcasm, I am what i like, I am more spolied than Paris Hilton, but lately i am tired of mediocre people, and we will show you some…

December 21, 2010, 8:00 am
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From youtube we have found the essence of life. And, the video, the song, you cannot be more idiot, hmmmm do you remember the urban legend about Mr. Manson, about some ribs removed, sureley they have the same doctor.

—– this is not my sh*t—- but a very satisfied user —————————

Dear Vevo, Let me start by saying get your corporate asses off YouTube! Ever since these big companies started paying off YouTube so they could post their freaking videos we can’t post ours. We are flagged for infringement evry time we include a song we like in our videos.

This is YOUtube, the place where we can post OUR videos. If we wanted to listen to music from you wed go to your damn website.

To all people who want greedy corporates gone copy and paste this on Vevo shit

——– bufff……… ——————-

Do not obey!
December 17, 2010, 1:35 pm
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In the world of Miffy or Miffa – my name- many idiots stay around. First of all the creator of the bunny star who – after a long time- decided to sue Sanrio for Melody’s close appear to Miffy.

Well, we must say that Sanrio’s lawyers will put a great effort on it, not like the former artist known as Shepperd (opdss), the guy who makes Obey, that stopped the Miffy has a posse! project when the lawyers wrote him.

Pathetic, a new 2.0 hero who just show his great attitude!

K**S me I am (rather) famous
October 4, 2009, 5:43 pm
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some fast food in Amsterdam, not exactly a destination for gourmets

The fast and the furious, Father bunny punished me for speeding

My friend Ecke in Utrecht

Visiting old grandpa museum

Our car was classic but with some sporty look

we tested some new beer brands in Prague, and we loved them

In Schipool we saw old grand ma selling balloons

Read the “menu” barbarians!!!!!

Where is Miffa?
June 9, 2009, 4:22 pm
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Back in Tokyo, enjoying time and visiting Kiddy land where I always want to get lost.