Miffa Chan

A day at the races. The old gentleman driver’s era and the new super idiots
October 22, 2007, 4:55 pm
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Yes, again, using the opportunity that my angry daughter offers me I will break his “book of style” talking about the F1 Championship.

Last weekend we celebrate a nice event in Barcelona – Martini racing legends– with Emmerson Fitipaldi and we lack old legends like J. Stewart.

On the newspapers Mr. Stewart said that the “wanna be championship” was vulnerable. But after watching the race I must say that his boss, his manager and himself are phucking idiots.

This year on the F1 they have really made a lot of effort to make it more boring – do you remember the five points they just took to Fernando at -Hungary ?, do you remember the bullshit the English press wrote about him?

Any idiot who writes on a newspaper can write a headline like “At least Fernando did not win!?

Garrafone is angry, Santander hates Dennis, an even Mercedes – great phuckers- are angry. I am happy.

Go with papa Hamilton and try to remember how you got mad while Fernando passed you.