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Mother Farm – Tagura Futtsu Chiba Pref
January 22, 2013, 11:30 am
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Just the day after our arrival from The Netherlands our friends from Cafemiffy picked up from Park Hotel (our favourite hotel, where we spent some of our jet lag playing with Tometaro).

Destination an Onsen in Chiba prefecture, about one hour and a half from Tokyo. I will share that with you in an upcoming post because today I remembered about the nice farm we visited close to our Ryokan and about how many friends we met there.

The name of the Farm is “Mother Farm” and it was founded in 1962 by a man called Hisakichi Maeda. If you visit their website (there’s an English version) you will discover more about this business man that is behind Tokyo’s tower and newspapers.

But let’s concentrate in animals and let me show you a little bit of the fun you can have there (but during winter time it’s very, very cold)

 A big Ox
 Miffa tried to milk a cow, but finally only Father Bunny did it
 A very, very nice long horn ox, scary,
but very nice, you can actually feed hi
 This is me with some cows in one of
The Farm’s restaurants – excellent fresh milk

 Baikin-Man decided to tease this poor cow that

 is at the entrance (he didn’t realize it wasn’t a real one)

And of course i made a lot of friends there