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We drove 6:45 hours to London 2012
July 20, 2012, 10:56 pm
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Today we decided to move from Cambridge to Central London without paying for the Congestion Tax.

Tricky, we planned our trip carefully, but a 3 hours journey turned into a 6:45 due to heavy rain, heavy traffic and other bizarre things like the “Olympic lane” the Brits have in London’s major roads.

The level of “nonsense” is so high that they recommend you to stay at home instead of going to work. Great, soon in Spain no one will have a job, so we have a lot to learn from the Britons.

Public transportation in UK is expensive, slow and unreliable, thanks to those who decided that private sector will do it better, no investments, bribery and search for profits have shaped the worst transportation scheme ever.

And don’t ask me about the British Summer…

Aliens ate my babysitter
May 1, 2012, 7:26 am
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Hey, Miffa turned a policewoman!!!
April 15, 2012, 9:46 am
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And to prove it, we took a picture!

Ridin’ on Kingdom of Boredom’s roads
April 15, 2012, 9:42 am
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The one of us who have no airport to build a circuit in UK, like Top Gear, settle with riding on their roads.

I had more fun in New Zealand with the Falcon Mark II Xr6, but I blew two rear tires.

The worst place in earth you can be, try it, you’ll hate it.
April 11, 2012, 8:47 am
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With the 2012 Olympics being held in London, I need to ask you to go there. Being London one of the few places I promised myself I will never go, destiny made me a good move and I was forced to be there for a couple of days.
Kingdom of Boredom. That’s another way to translate United Kingdom.
Everything is disgusting, all the stupid places are not worth to visit, are crowded, stupidly expensive, and just suck!
We will try to make a list of ten or a thousand reasons you shouldn’t visit that damn place, but if you are studying English, please ask your father or mother to put you there for a month in summer.
That will be Summer of Hell (and you will return home speaking poorer English than before)

Quest for the perfect UK place – Oxford
April 7, 2012, 8:23 am
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We continue our search for the best place to live close to London but out of it.
A nice place we have been told is Oxford, a lively cosmopolitan city that is chosen by many expats.
Well, getting there is easy and fast with those double carriage (I would say two lanes) roundabouts every few miles. 
We have driven in almost all the countries who drive the wrong way of the road but here you have to pay EXTRA attention to look to the right when entering.
After these lines you will find some pictures of Oxford. We just don’t like it, for many reasons but one of them is they don’t like visitors, or at least they to bring a car.
In a Public parking – covered- we struggled to enter , because it was designed for Fiat 500 alike cars. Inside, not enough room to put the car into the marks. No problems let’s find another one. This time it was open air but really great parking lots.
Let’s pay, 3.90 pounds an hour (is this New York?). Ok, let’s use the credit card, blast they don’t take, a 20 pounds note, they don’t take notes…
You can only use coins, no change is given and you have to enter your number plate!!!
And besides all this mess in the country I am living they consider than a Eco Tax of 1 euro a day in unfair for tourist!
May be they’re right it’s unfair that in Barcelona, for example, you can pay with credit card in the streets and Parkings

Quest for the perfect Village
April 5, 2012, 9:30 am
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“I can’t live in London, father bunny, for obvious reasons: first of all is big, dirty, expensive, plenty of people that don’t like me and that i dont’t like…Besides I have always dream of living in the countryside”

Taking this into consideration we need a place close enough from London and not only that with easy access from/to the city.

North from London following the M1, about 45 minutes from London you can find two places that are well known for being London’s dormitory towns: Hemel Hempstead and St Albans.

We first visited Hemel Hempstead and is such and ugly city that we didn’t take any picture of it. It’s big, unattractive, old looking. We’d rather life in “Los Monegros” than there.

So just a few Miles heading East from that ugliness you can find St Albans. There were Romans there (they called the city Verolamium) and you can visit some ruins (something that we did not do because of our tight agenda).

It’s nice, it has the proper size, a nice center, a cathedral, a tower clock, it has nice houses in the outskirts…

So we visited our friends John Taylor to figure up how much a house costs. 

1.4 Million GBP !!!! (ok, it has 6 bedrooms and a nice garden…)

Ok John I will think about it, but so many Aston Martins and an Audi RS8 parked in the supermarket were some clues that pointed about that.

Next check will be Oxford in the Midlands.