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Bangkok’s China Town
August 31, 2012, 11:57 am
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During our first day in Bangkok we decided to fight jet lag visiting someplace close enough to our hotel as not top put more stress in our bodies and interesting enough not to fall sleep.
So we headed North following Chao Praya river to Bangkok’s China Town.  As you can expect it’s like a little piece of China inside a Thai city, or not?
We have been in New York’s, Singapore’s and some other ones (some of them as weird as La Habana’s).
Let’s say that it’s just another area plenty of shops, good food, food stalls, with just a few foreigners.  So it’s just an average “China Town” until you get lost inside where traffic and people make it one of the most chaotic places I have been.
Motorbikes are all over in pedestrian areas, cars and even trucks have absolutely priority over you and , unlike other places both inside China or outside it, people are reckless and show poor manners.
It is a must go during the night, specially for it’s food and restaurants, don’t expect any great merchandise or good prices here, so keep your shopping money for other places (like, may be, the MBK center)

Bye, bye, Ko Samui
August 14, 2012, 6:30 am
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Today is our last day in the island. We have had a very good time and this is our “family” picture.

From left to right: Miffa, Tometaro, Nijntje, Mihi, PiPi, Chairoko and Kiiroko.

And now, first time ever, Cafemiffy will tell you something from our blog:

It is very hot here and there are many mosquito, but we enjoyed our great holiday here with our excellent friends!

Ko Samui (เกาะสมุย) adventures part 1.
August 13, 2012, 1:16 am
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If you are coming here, you will probably fly from Bangkok, but there’re cheap flights from Hong Kong and Singapore too. 

It’s a nice island, less crowded than Phuket and therefore a better option IMMO. Unfortunately they overdo setting prices to taxis rides (rip-off warning) and leisure activities.

If you want to ride an elephant, do it around bangkok, if you wan to dive, go to Maldives, if you want to sail, do it at home. But if you want to pay two or three times the prices you will pay at home (assuming Europe, USA, Australia or Japan) this is the place for you. Last, do not expect service and safety standards like at home.

 Na Muang two waterfall is about 80 meters high
 and “can only be reached by a 30 minute walk”
so large pickups tuned like moon rangers are waiting you
and for 100 BHT will take you there.
But I use Father Bunny shoulder and did it in 7 minutes!!

 Bhoput beach has a “so called” fisherman’s village, that
is just an open market where they try to sell you the same
good you can buy everywhere for one third of the amount.
 A bar in Bhoput beach, there are a lot ranging from
nice intimate places to loud pseudo Irish Pubs
 Sunset on the beach, It happens around 18:30 and they
will try to sell you “sunset experience” in a boat for 1200 BHT
and up with watered margaritas and badly mixed mojitos.
Buy them in Seven Eleven, go to the deck and that’s it!
Six Senses Hotel, an eco friendly resort located in Samui’s
northeastern point. May be the nicest, of course the most
expensive. The only problem you’re their hostage and 
you need to pay minimun 500 BHT to get out of that paradise
 Melati resort, close to Six Senses, same problem
if you want to visit your Seven Eleven or Family Mart
expect to walk 2 kilometers one way or to pay 400 BHT
 Just a nice picture, no warning.
 Lobster and shellfish basket on the beach, It’s not cheap,
 it’s not the best we have had, but it’s ok.
Chaweng beach close 
to Sareeraya hotel
This is me with Nijntje (Cafemify) from Japan
who came to explore Samui with  me

Ruea Hang Yao (เรือหางยาว) Long Tail Boat
August 5, 2012, 3:13 am
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Long tail boats are a common transportation along Chao Phraya river. Well known for the scene where Mr. “Grandpa Moore” Bond use one to pursuit one of the bad guys. (The man with a golden gun)

The ones you can spot in the (tourist trap warning) floating markets generally use 4 in line diesel engines with or without turbo and are fast, noisy and spectacular.

But absolutely craziness arrives to some of the units that go up and down the river featuring large Toyota, Isuzu, and Nissan six a even eight cylinders.

Most of them have no intake filter and no silencer (I have not seen any) so imagine noise and polution.

There’s no gearbox and neutral is achieved lifting the large pool where the helix is placed, same way, moving the whole engine and pool the driver change direction.

Of course my father wanted to drive one, but even offering some good money they said: no way!

They’re really spectacular but annoying after some time because of big noise, vibration and smokes.

Miffa is a fan: Mandarin Oriental Thailandia
August 1, 2012, 11:16 am
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After the crows in London, and after a terrible trip in a – in other days- pretty decent air company we have arrived to our summer destination.

Past year we did a mistake and booked another hotel in Singapore called Mandarin, but it wasn’t Mandarin Oriental.

A nice car was waiting for us a a very nice girl gave me and Tometaro a beautiful brazalet made of fresh flowers.