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Snow & Ski – Andorra GrandValira – Part 2
February 14, 2013, 10:16 am
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Now it’s time for more pictures of beautiful snowed landscapes. 

I was wearing goggles in the past in many of my travels and adventures around the world, but at some point the frame said “enough”. Sometime ago Father Bunny bought me a new ones.

My original ones were SMITH (a well known brand of snow goggles) but know he got me some from LIDL (Crivit Brand)

Anyone there wanna be my stepfather? 

I remind you I inherited 1 million USD from my grandfather and that the money is well kept in a Swiss account.

 Tometaro did not need any clothes,
 “I am a Polar Bear” he said

 I know my grand grand grand ma was a snow hare,
but when the family moved to Hong Kong
we lost our cold proof DNA 
Accidents are likely to happen on snow.
Protection is a must kids!!!

Snow & Ski – Andorra GrandValira – Part 1
February 13, 2013, 11:55 am
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It had been a while since my first trip to Andorra. I was there with my sister in 2006 (you can check it here).

But lately I have discovered a nice place called Canillo (from there you can access Grandvalira ski resort). I visited it for the first time past December and this past weekend too. 

I love snow – have you notice my fur is white and that I wear winter clothes? – but unfortunately there’s not a lot in Barcelona or Hong Kong… Even in Andorra you ave to go up in the mountains to step on it.

Fortunately my two visits to Andorra have coincided with some of the best snow days people can remember in last years. And lowest temperaturest too.

So, what we got was a very nice hotel with spa, plenty of snow (more than one meter) just on the streets, great powder to ski, great food, great fun…

…and of course an old man complaining about the road conditions and thinking if we could be able to return home. (i am talking about my Father).

 It was snowing a little bit when we arrived
 Tometaro and his friend at Grandvalira
  Ski Shuttle with “some” snow on its roof

  Father Bunny took his new snow boots

 Summer tires 255/50/R19, not the best choice
for snowy roads, but a lot of fun if fully insured.
(that is not the case)

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (video)
January 25, 2013, 1:39 pm
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Boredom is something useful sometimes, I convince my father to make some new videos from our adventures in Thailand. Check the amazing Floating market long boats ans stay away from scammers.

Mother Farm – Tagura Futtsu Chiba Pref
January 22, 2013, 11:30 am
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Just the day after our arrival from The Netherlands our friends from Cafemiffy picked up from Park Hotel (our favourite hotel, where we spent some of our jet lag playing with Tometaro).

Destination an Onsen in Chiba prefecture, about one hour and a half from Tokyo. I will share that with you in an upcoming post because today I remembered about the nice farm we visited close to our Ryokan and about how many friends we met there.

The name of the Farm is “Mother Farm” and it was founded in 1962 by a man called Hisakichi Maeda. If you visit their website (there’s an English version) you will discover more about this business man that is behind Tokyo’s tower and newspapers.

But let’s concentrate in animals and let me show you a little bit of the fun you can have there (but during winter time it’s very, very cold)

 A big Ox
 Miffa tried to milk a cow, but finally only Father Bunny did it
 A very, very nice long horn ox, scary,
but very nice, you can actually feed hi
 This is me with some cows in one of
The Farm’s restaurants – excellent fresh milk

 Baikin-Man decided to tease this poor cow that

 is at the entrance (he didn’t realize it wasn’t a real one)

And of course i made a lot of friends there

Playing pirates with my father
January 20, 2013, 5:26 pm
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Hyde Park, London, Uk. Well, thanks to Google there’s no problem to locate the place there is a nice playground erected with money donated to Diana’s foundation.

And above all the elements a custom made pirate ship, almost real size, is clearly the most demanded play.

And Miffa and me were there playing pirates, it was a little bit embarrassing for him, but the ship is so high that many parents go inside with their kid to prevent accidents.

The best breakfast in my life.
January 9, 2013, 10:08 am
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When we visited Tsukiji fish market for the first time we wanted to have breakfast there, but long ques at the small restaurants and our poor knowledge of the Japanese language removed that idea from our mind.

But we’re so lucky as to have met our friends from Cafemiffy who took us for breakfast this Christmas. They took me and Father bunny to a very special restaurant in a rainy and misty day (much better than a sunny day for this experience).

A small restaurant, only a bar, and behind it two sushi master using their knifes and the best fish you can imagine and have.

The different flavours, the different textures, the atmosphere, the perfect rice, a nice Japanese tea, the colors… 

If you have the opportunity to go there you’ll be spoiled forever.  

Tsukiji fish market (third visit)
January 9, 2013, 9:56 am
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In the past (check here) I visited the world´s biggest fish market – Tsukiji- and we managed to enter the red tunna fish auction where only the best tunna is exposed and inspected to professional buyers.

You have to got early and you must be there about 4 am if you want to enter the auction, besides now you have to register in advance or may be the will completely bann visitor from the auction.

So we were lucky on that rainy spring morning when we manage to visit the auction, but if you’re lazy you must paya a visit to the market too, great small restaurants, great fish, and above all – a lively atmosphere- that will surprise you a lot!

 Daikon Horseradish and Japanese “sweet potatoes”
 wasabi “Wasabia japonica”
 More Wasabi “premium one”
 Blacksmith finishing a “small” knife
 Some tunna traders who finished stocks
The market is closed during New Year’s eve, this was the last day

Aventador at Ginza 9·3
January 3, 2013, 11:36 am
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It’s not easy no spot a Lamborghini Aventador, and a new one, still without definitive car plates is a rare discover.

Of course if you are in tokyo, Ginza is the right place to such discoverings!

But we don’t like the color…

Anpanman’s museum
January 3, 2013, 11:31 am
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We visited Anpanman museum in Yokohama, it was a very rainy day and Yokohama is not so close to Tokyo as you will expect. But we had a great time!!!

Now some wikipedia about him that can be found here

Anpanman (アンパンマン?) is a Japanese picture book series written by Takashi Yanase since 1973. It was   inspired by Yanase’s struggles to survive as a soldier in World War II. Many times, he became faced with the prospect of starvation, which made him dream about eating anpan (a bean-jam filled pastry).

Miffa, Tometaro and Cafemiffy
December 30, 2012, 1:51 am
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We have been in Chiba prefecture, that is close to Narita airport. Our friends, Cafemiffy, has brought us to a traditional and very special Soba restaurant.

As you know Soba is Japanese noodle that is made from buckwheat (trigo sarraceno).

We had Soba Soshu (liquor) and a lot of delicatessen, including the best Tempura, we have ever had.